‘Growing Sudley’ is a project of the Friends of the Sudley Estate. Sudley House is a Victorian Merchants House and grounds in Mossley Hill, Liverpool. The House and Grounds belong to the National Museums Liverpool and Liverpool City Council respectively. The Walls of the Kitchen Garden at Sudley are one of the few remaining examples of this Victorian outdoor heating system designed to extend the growing season and allow the cultivation of plants from warmer climes. We aim to bring the Walled Garden back to life as a place for learning about growing things, meeting people, or just visiting.

As the first step towards restoring the garden we will do research to find out about:-

Horticultural Archeology- what clues are there to the varieties that used to grow there?

Other similar size and aged kitchen gardens that have been restored- what do they grow and how are they organised?

What do we want to grow in a 21st Century kitchen garden?

Who is going to join in?



2 responses

  1. Hi,

    I have a small group of people looking for something useful to do for an hour in the area on Sunday (our planned activity has fallen though). I wonder if we might be able to offer some time in the garden with you. I’m happy to offer more information – please do email.


    • Steve, I’m so sorry, I missed your message. We’d have loved to meet you. Do let us know more about your group and what you’re interested in and we can keep you posted and be more responsive next time! Apologies, Frances. Do email me on frances.downie@gmail.com and I’ll pick it up. Apologies and thanks for your interest.

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